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ZEITGEIST RELOADED 2011 (V 1.0, German Chapters) http Welcome to "Zeitgeist Reloaded". This project is an initiative by the German Chapters of the Zeitgeist Movement and exclusively based on internet research, internet media and the collaboration of global internet users. The main movie structure is interconnected with YouTube's vast media resources which makes this movie and it's continuous version updates an educational project for the global public as also TZM members. We want to thank all global internet users, individuals, scientists, organisations, companies, and YouTube artists who support the Zeitgeist Reloaded project and it's future updates. "Zeitgeist Reloaded" is not part of the official Zeitgeist Film Series by Peter Joseph, since this initiative is an open source educational media project by TZM Germany and the general public. The project is produced in communication between TZM Germany, TZM Global and the internet users. Please evaluate the presented media and it's authenticity. You have primary influence on the content of the next Zeitgeist Reloaded version. We encourage your participation in suggesting important media or information that should be shared with the global public. Please also evaluate our own "Media for Public Evaluation" parts in our channel. These contain suggested media by internet users for the movie project. Zeitgeist Reloaded will continuously change and expand in it's content. Please check the version indication for watching the newest release. MEDIA ...

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