Video - V12 Lister le mans; re-build from a rust bucket :(

Videos Jaguar Lister V12 Lister le mans; re-build from a rust bucket :(

V12 Lister le mans; re-build from a rust bucket :(

Lister Jaguar video footage taken by my 6yr old son; I came across the file by accident many years later so thought I could add some re-build stills that I had kept and make a short movie. The car was in a bad way when I got it, all the floor-pan had gone together with most of the lower sectional bodywork. I made up all the new sections in galv sheet; had to take a few 'sicky' breaks though when doing the follow up welding! The intention of 'aquiring' the Le Mans was to give me a couple of Winters 'project' work, the reality however developed into a bigger undertaking than anticipated? The two year restoration didn't happen, but I did finally get the British supercar I had always wanted. The body rot was so bad I spent nearly 5 yrs on this visit! She's quite a 'babe' now though :) Since then I've bought another 'T 'rusty heap, this time an even older 70's VW Campervan; check my user channel for this ones present progress, it's a bit more diverse than the Lister, and may even be a little faster? . . . . . . . . . . ha ha. By that I meant 4yrs or less? Laugh, I think I'm still crying :(

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