Video - TGIS Episode 1 (featuring Sundown Festival and deF!ND)

Videos Jaguar XJ-1.S. TGIS Episode 1 (featuring Sundown Festival and deF!ND)

TGIS Episode 1 (featuring Sundown Festival and deF!ND)

In this first episode of TGIS, Joanne-Marie will be bringing you exclusive up close footage from the recent Sundown Festival at the Marina Promenade which featured Zhang Yunjing, ViViD, Teen Top, Hebe Tian and Show Luo. We will also compare the quality of sound and video recordings on mobile phone versus compact cameras - so which is better? We will also pit the Jaguar XJ against the new voice-enabled search app, deF!nd in a Top Gear-styled shootout, to see which is the fastest. In our Skiving Time segment, Joanne-Marie takes to the streets and finds out what some people (and characters) will be wearing to ZoukOut 2011. For the latest updates, subscribe to our YouTube Channel: and Like us on Facebook:

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