Video - Part 2 - Initial Wetting Out Of the Dog

Videos Jaguar 420 Part 2 - Initial Wetting Out Of the Dog

Part 2 - Initial Wetting Out Of the Dog

Now we start the bath in earnest. Virgin Tiberius is the "First" Bobtail in our family and is the self appointed pack alpha. Even so he readily trained up for bathing in less than 10 bathings so you to can get your dog to do this with some patience, firmness and the odd bribe. Wetting out their coat is the biggest issue in bathing Old English Sheepdogs and it is not easy because of the coat's natural ability to shed water from the surface keeping the coat closer to the skin virtually dry. I will repeatedly mention how critical it is and how much effort this takes, without a properly wetted-out coat the bath will be ineffective and in large part a waste of time and effort. A coherent approach and consistent pattern to wetting out your dog from bath to bath will assist in how effective this stage is, helps to keep the dog comfortable and ensures you obtain consistent results. Good water pressure and a pulsing shower head are the tools that are essential now and throughout the bath. Make sure your hot water tank is full of hot water and restrict other water use for the duration of your Bobtail's bath. And with the exception of the very first water application as demonstrated be very careful not to rub the coat against the direction of the hair growth or even across it so as to minimize mat production. You will get a few no matter how careful you are but if you are not careful the mats are gong to be unbelievable. A bit of extra care and time will pay enormous dividends for ...

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