Video - Part 15 - Drying Feet

Videos Jaguar 420 Part 15 - Drying Feet

Part 15 - Drying Feet

Feet and legs, but especially the feet, are going to be the bane of your drying experience. They are relatively small, the hair may not look that long but believe me it is thick and there is actually a lot more than you might initially imagine. They take a disproportionate amount of time considering their size. But again a few techniques and pointers presented will hopefully help. And once you have the dog standing up as the side appears to be completed a few touch ups before you lay them down to dry the second side gets teh feet into good shape. Before laying the dog down for the second side, part the body hair such that that any wet tips along the spine are exposed to the dryer, not stuck under the body. Doing this little "tweak" will reduce the amount of time you need the dog to stand on the table after completing the second side drying. At that point neither you nor him/her will want to be spending any more time on the table than is absolutely necessary.

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