Video - Part 12 - The Drying Begins

Videos Jaguar 420 Part 12 - The Drying Begins

Part 12 - The Drying Begins

So know your Bobtail is clean and towelled dry but he/she is far from really being dry. I never let my dogs run around for a few minutes to "dry off" before putting them onto the table. They go straight from the tub onto the grooming table. The table has at least 2 thick towels put down on it to help adsorb as much water as possible from the side the dog is lying on. Again my grooming room is an ideal situation built immediately adjacent to the basement bathroom. It is built around the grooming table with room for two professional stand dryers each on their own dedicated single plug electrical circuit. But for many years I survived with a regular grooming table, sometimes in the basement, sometimes the living room dependent on the house I was in and used a regular power circuit. It doesn't take long to figure out just what else is on that circuit and hence what has to remain off when the dryer is being used. Again, you don't need two dryers as I have, I survived with one for a number of years but yes if you can afford it two sure speeds up the job. Remember your best friend during blow drying is your pin brush. Just as you brush you own hair while drying it, brushing your Bobtail's hair while it is being blow-dried will make the job go quicker and result in a much better jog. The hair will look smooth, free of curl and have much more body and loft. As the old saying goes, plan your work and work your plan. Nothing difficult, just lots of time and patience is needed.

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