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Massive Video Game Collection Room Tour - Part 1 of 4

And so it finally begins. The biggest Video Game Room Tour on YouTube! This is the first out of four parts, all of which are about half an hour long. I've been playing and collecting video games for pretty much my entire life, and the result is everything that you're about to see in this video series. My collection includes everything from back to some of the first consoles ever made, all of the way to the most recent generation of consoles. A very short overview of what you can expect to see in this part is: About 700 NES Games, with almost 200 of them in the original boxes Nintendo Virtual Boy with Carrying Case An original Vectrex home video game console TurboGrafx, PC Engine, and SuperGrafx consoles Just about every Sega console ever released. Including the Master System, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, and CDX A comparison of the North American and Japanese versions of the Super Nintendo Many Nintendo GameCube consoles and accessories Just about every variation of the Wii complete in box. Philips CD-i and 3DO The Neo Geo, Neo Geo CD, and Neo Geo Pocket Almost every version of the Nintendo 64 console, including the Pikachu N64 and a Japanese exclusive colour A huge Atari 2600 console collection, including many different variations and games. Atari computers, including the 400 and XE The Atari Lynx, Atari 5200, and Atari Jaguar And much more! A lot of work has gone into this video series, and there is no way that I could have done it without the help of my good friend ...



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