Video - Jaguar XJ8 Air Suspension Conversion (pt 1)

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Jaguar XJ8 Air Suspension Conversion (pt 1)

Blackdog Manufacturing, the exclusive in-house manufacturing division of British Parts International and Motorcars, Ltd. announces availability of the XJ8 Air Suspension Conversion Kit. This coil spring/shock absorber kit is an economical and permanent solution to the troublesome 2004-2009 XJ8 factory air suspension system. The system utilizes the proven and time tested coil spring/shock assembly design and features Bilstein shock absorbers. The suspension kit includes all necessary components to eliminate any warning light or ECM code issues. The spring/shock assemblies use the vehicle's existing suspension mount points, so installation requires no cutting or welding. Installing the Air Suspension Conversion kit on your vehicle will provide for comfortable, trouble-free driving for years to come! If you have questions, please contact our sales department by phone: (800) 338-5238 or email: Part 1 of 3

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