Video - Jaguar XJ220 on Commodore Amiga - take2

Videos Jaguar XJ220 Jaguar XJ220 on Commodore Amiga - take2

Jaguar XJ220 on Commodore Amiga - take2 ---------------- Gameplay from Jaguar XJ220 by Core Design, playing on a Commodore Amiga 1200. Retro Gaming. This is my 2nd play of this game, as I wanted to give it a fair shot, given that it played faster than would be considered normal on my usual Amiga gaming setup.Check out my YouTube Retro Gaming Community Directory to find hundreds of other retro gaming channels at http If you're interested in seeing my non-gaming related videos, you may like to check out my other channel, BenwaysWorld

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Duration: 6 minutes : 36 seconds
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