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See more on our Facebook fan page: Jaguar XJ LWB 2010 Review byPaul Gibson, Editor of finds out if the 2010 all-new Jaguar XJ has been improved to suit the chauffeur industry. A recent report from highlighted; "The XJ L took joint second place in the awards receiving only two points less than the winner, the BMW 730Ld. As one of the newest vehicles to be judged, the XJ was awarded a total of 80/100 points which matched the previous shape Audi A8 L. In the Power and Performance section, the XJ was marked extremely high for its outstanding 3.0 V6 diesel engine, producing 275 bhp and returning around 40mpg at the same time. The XJ is extremely quiet under acceleration and it remains that way for the rest of the journey. Judges noted the smooth gear changes, precise steering and also marked the XJ high for its low Co2 emissions of only 184 g/km. The quietness of the XJ then extends to the physical ride from the rear seats. You are cocooned within the acres of well-crafted wood panels and beautifully stitched leather which together make the cabin of the XJ an amazing place to be. Rear reclining seats would be beneficial in the long wheelbase model which is expected to be an option in the future. It has already won an array of awards for its stunning interior which is unlike any other car on the road -- you sit low in the cockpit surrounded by plenty of elegant touches and state-of-the-art display which replaces the ...

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