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Jaguar S-Type R - Episode #3 - MotorMouth.TV

The Jaguar S-Type R is a beast. The car was made from 2003-2008. Let me open your eyes to a good Jag. Top 4 reasons to buy: 1. Motor is out of control! (didnt change between 03-08) 2. Major sleeper on the road. 3. Beautiful wood work and interior layout. 4. Classy face. Top 4 reasons not to buy: 1. Transmission can be iffy, along with reliability 2. Was built to fight BMW M5 and lost. 3. Gas guzzler to the max. 4. Always will be considered a Ford Taurus. Break down on engine specs, be impressed: Great Article written by Motor Trend Magazine: Other cars to consider: While I think the S-type R is a very special car BMW M5, Mercedes Benz E55, and Audi RS6 are all better buys, but also more $

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