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Jaguar E Type sex on wheels

" 1,2,3. 1,2,3." " It's faster than the DB5, as radical as the DS, and everyone loves it. Born in the '60s, exhibited at the MET and it looks a bit, well, rode. It could only be the Jaguar E-type." " I think the E-type is sex on wheels." " It's like a beautiful lady. All the curves are in the right places." " Beautiful! Hahaha!" " In both looks and performance. It was the most complete car of its time. Even now most contemporary cars would have a hard time keeping up with it. The E-type is so much more than the sum of its parts. Just listen to it. And just look at it." " The shape makes me think of very sleek cucumbers." " Not suggesting they were in any sense conscious that they were sculpting something, which looks like a sexual diagram of a man, but certainly that was an element of the consumer's response to it. There's something about the orifice. There's something about the proportions, which just frankly, looks like an erect penis." " No, manhoods were the last thing on Malcolm Sayer mind when he styled the E-type." " In fact, we shouldn't call Mr. Sayer a stylist at all." " Sayer, hated being referred to as a stylist or even a designer. He saw himself as an aerodynamicist and the whole form particularly the beautiful bulging curvaceous bonnet of the E-type is actually developed in accordance to air flow over the car." " Sayer's aerodynamic design is a direct progression from the legendary 3-times Le Mans winner, the Jaguar D-type, which also had an amazing design ...

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