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Jaguar E-Type Celebration

DVD available here: "An excellent DVD on the iconic sixties British sports car. The hour-and-a-half disc covers the Jaguar's history and its ancestors, as well as classic and racing examples on the road. There's also footage of the 50th anniversary road trip, the subsequent parade and the modern reincarnation of the E-Type: the Eagle Speedster. E-Type engineer Norman Dewis is interview too" Auto Express Since it rolled off the Jaguar production line in 1961, the iconic E-Type has been one of the most desirable cars in the world, a heady mixture of style, elegance, performance, passion, good looks and engineering excellence. This wonderful celebration, made to mark the E-Type's 50th anniversary, recalls the history and sporting pedigree of the British masterpiece, revisits the legendary machines, meets the experts and discovers how the E-type is being readied for another five decades of automotive distinction. Archive film and glorious modern footage of meticulously maintained surviving examples charts the story of Jaguar and the racing successes of the 1950s which paved the way for the ultimate road-going sportscar, the E-Type. We hear from leading expert Philip Porter about his E-type collection, which includes the famous 9600 HP which was hurriedly driven from Coventry to Geneva for car's launch and a roadster film buffs may recognise from The Italian Job. Notably, this celebration includes the recollections of former Jaguar chief development test engineer Norman ...



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