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Videos Jaguar MK 1 (Inspector Morse) Jaguar Mk2 1960, Model Icons 1:18 - 701001

(Inspector Morse) Jaguar Mk2 1960, Model Icons 1:18 - 701001

When launched in 1959 under the slogan of "Space, Grace and Pace", William Lyons and his marketing team were poetically describing one of the greatest "facelifts" in automotive history. By taking its predecessor the retrospectively named Mark 1 and increasing the glass area, redesigning the dash and introducing a 220bhp 3.8 version, capable of 0 -- 60mph in under 9 seconds, Jaguar had not only created the fastest production saloon in the world, but also one of the most iconic cars of all time. This timeless elegant classic lived up to its maxim of space, by seating five people in comfort, having sweeping curvaceous lines and elegant wood and chrome interior it oozed grace, whilst it's pace credentials could be backed up by famous drivers such as Hill, Surtess, Salvadori and Moss, not to mention a certain criminal fraternity and ultimately their arch nemesis the Police. The Jaguar Mk2's status as a timeless "British Classic" was cemented in 1987 when Colin Dexter's Inspector Morse novels were brought to the TV screen. Although in the original books "Morse" had a Lancia, it was decided that he should drive a "timeless British Classic" and a 1960 2.4 litre maroon Mark 2 was chosen.

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