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Guild Wars 2 Ranger SPvP

My Ranger spec focuses more on the pet (cat pets) to do damage that is sometimes more than me. Equipment - I wasn't sure what my second weapon was gonna be, I knew I was going to do Sword + Offhand both with sigil 30% on crit to put might on self, in the end I decided with Longbow for the vulnerability skill and the rapid fire with the sigil 30% on crit to put vulnerability on foes to increase my pets damage output and my output when I get in close with sword + offhand. For armor I had two sets one set with Runes of Divinity for dps/stats and second one for condition/dmg resistance with Runes of Melandru, for amulet I went with the Beserker one. Pets - I went with two cats (I recommend Lynx and Jaguar) instead of the other pets that get the bleed trait (drake and devourer) because they have high crit rate and their skills add vulnerability. If you have any questions about this spec just leave comment or message me. This video is the first time I tested this build, and there's a weird bug when going into a new zone where you need to switch pets or the current pet out will do nothing and sometimes won't follow you. I changed my spec up a little bit after I recorded this video, but it wasn't anything game breaking just a personal preference. PS I haven't tried it out yet but since the pets' bleed was only ticking for 45ish I'll probably switch out the trait "pets deal more condition damage" with something like "sword skills recharge 20% faster". Spec (old) - ...

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