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Videos Jaguar MK5 eGreat M34A Audio Dropout Fault

eGreat M34A Audio Dropout Fault

eGreat M34A (New Style Brushed Aluminum Case) Audio Dropouts (1 sec mute) 1.Jaguar car 15 sec, then rewound without stopping, then no fault at 15 sec, then rewound then pressed stop and play, dropout fault occurs at 15 sec again. 2.Merc Car 1.11 sec dropout occurs 3. Open door 19 sec 4. Open gate 8 sec 5 Intro 57 sec 6 snow 27 sec All files played at random and all have MPEG1 48.00kHz connected via HDMI with latest firmware. These dopout happen to all Xvid 48kHz files I have.. 100+ Faulty unit or faulty firmware? Above does not happen with a WDTV MP connected via HDMI or if the M34A is connected via Optic Cable and HDMI Audio is turn off.

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