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Black Jaguar S-Type R

Not a very common car you see here. But still pretty brilliant. the Car in Question is the S-Type R, a 400BHP Variant of the S-Type This Monster was parked up at the Royal York Hotel a few weeks ago. Painted in Black, it looked very similar to the Other cars there, but i could tell it wasn't any ordinary Jaguar. The S-Type R has a 4.2 Litre V8 fitted to it, but is then supercharged by an Eaton M112 Supercharger giving it 400 BHP, a real contender for the RS6 C5 and M5 E39. 0-60 MPH was done in 5.3 Seconds, and the top speed was pegged at 155mph for the Granny State. All S-Type R's were fitted with some 18" Alloys, Loads of "R" badging, Front/Rear/Side Aprons, A Brace for the Subframe and finally, some Fog lights. Prices were of the

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