Video - #AN UGLY TRUTH- In Danger: Animals in Danger#

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#AN UGLY TRUTH- In Danger: Animals in Danger#

Please comment, and rate! Please send this video to family and friends- this is for a good cause! Thank You for Watching! - - - - This video is dedicated to all the animals in danger, it is meant to raise people's awareness in this please help! Just in case you were not able to understand well, here is a part of the video: ... The USA traps over 20 million animals every year. The most popular furs are... mink, sable, fox, squirrel and lynx. These rare animals are all in danger because hunters kill them for their fur... snow leopard, jaguar, ocelot, indian tiger cat, lynx. ... Please check out any of this sites for more info, to support, and many more: And some more in the video! Thanks again! Follow me in Twitter: And some more!(; LASTLY, Thanks to all my sources for research in this video!(: Used "When You're Gone" by Avril Lavigne.



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