Video - 1992 Lime Rock IMSA Prototype Race Directors Cut

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1992 Lime Rock IMSA Prototype Race Directors Cut

The cars seen in this amateur video I shot are the IMSA Prototypes from the 1992 Lime Rock Memorial Day Race. The last scene features the start of the Formula Mazda support race and all that that implies... By popular demand (one person asked nicely) I have recut this clip and muted the music track so you can really hear the engines. I also changed the ending slightly and added two slow motion scenes. This version is for all the motor-heads out there, myself included, who love the "music" that race cars make. Most "normal" people won't get it. To see the original version with music click here..... These are the top qualifiers and who was driving what: Row One Davy Jones Jaguar XJR-14 (Pole position with a new track record of 126.043 mph) Juan M. Fangio II (99) Toyota Eagle Mk-III Row 2 PJJones (98) Toyota Eagle Mk-III Chip Robinson (83) Nissan NPT Row 3 Wayne Taylor Chevrolet Spice Price Cobb (77) Mazda RX-792P Row 4 Pete Halsmer (78) Mazda RX-792P Oscar Laurrauri (7) Porsche 962 For more on Lime Rock Park.....

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