Jaguar XJ40 Gold

Jaguar XJ40 Gold

Year of production 1994 - 1994

Model: XJ40 (1986 - 1994)

Wikipedia (XJ40):

The Gold model was introduced in 1994 with a limited set of features and options, and for a modest price. It was available in fewer exterior colours than other models, and was identified by a gold-plated badge on the boot and gold growler badge at the top of the radiator grille. Gold cars were fitted with the "Kiwi" style wheels and painted with twin coachlines.

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1994 Jaguar XJ40 Gold 3.6 (219 cui)

Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Automatic transmission. Engine In-Line, XJ6,XJS AJ6 3,6.

Můj první Jaguar. Co si pamatuju, tak za celou dobu se jen měnil olej a žárovčičky.