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XK8 Remote Control Convertible Top

Forum XK-X100 XK8 Remote Control Convertible Top

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2016-01-18 08:15:43

Jaguar XK8 Remote Control Convertible Top  |  More info

This video shows how to install a remote control for the convertible top. It can be purchased from for about $200. The installation should take about an hour and a half. It took me longer just because I was trying to make a video at the same time that I was installing it.

By the way, this was the first one I ever installed. If you decide to buy one, hopefully you'll learn a little from this video and the installation will be a little easier for you. It's not difficult, and the instructions are very straightforward, but there were a couple of parts that were slightly confusing for me. The video should help you with those parts.