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XK8 Convertible Top Resistor Installation

Forum XK-X100 XK8 Convertible Top Resistor Installation

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2016-01-18 08:12:32

Convertible Top Resistor Installation  |  More info

This video shows how to install a resistor harness that I make and sell. The resistor will help lower the hydraulic pressure in the convertible top system on a Jaguar XK8. XK8's and XKR's are VERY prone to having their convertible top hoses burst. Especially the hose that goes to the latch above the windshield. If the hose bursts it costs around $2000 to have it replaced at a Jaguar dealership, or you can do it yourself for about 8 hours of labor and a $300 hose. But even then, the new hose is likely to burst after a few years.

You don't have to use my resistor harness. I just made the harness so that the existing wires in the car don't have to be cut. You can buy any 100 watt, 0.2 ohm resistor and splice it in to the wires that power the hydraulic pump. The harness just makes it very simple.