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XJ8 ABS module repair

Forum XJ-X308 XJ8 ABS module repair

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2016-01-18 17:03:35

ABS module repair, ABS warning, tracks not available, Jaguar - VOTD  |  More info

ABS Module Repair: 2 to 3 hours ($15 / $600 / $1,200 / $3,200)

WARNING: Be sure to top off the brake fluid reservoir and bleed the brakes after the repair. Also check for leaks where you disconnected the brake lines.

In this video I repair the ABS module on a 2003 Jaguar XJ8. The car had the ABS warning light in the dash along with the Tracks Not Available, and ASC Not Available warnings. It took about 2 hours but you may be able to do it quicker. This process will work on many other Jaguar models as well as other cars.

Wheel Sensor Cleaning: