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X300 3.2l for sale

Forum XJ-X300 X300 3.2l for sale

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2009-03-26 22:45:49

Dear jaguar friends,

after many years in Prague I moved back to Germany. Now I will sell this car. Its build in 1996, first registration was summer 1997. Motokov price was ca 2.500.000CZK

I was the only driver and my wife in the last 2 years for about 190000km. It comes with a czech registration (company)

Last year the car had a big service for more than 7.000€. Anti rost, partial new painted, new clock, new discs, new driver seat heating and any more

It is a Executive + front window heating, rear seat heating, sunroof.

Price for the car will be 230.00CZK. I think it is a fair price after the investment last year.

contact here ore m.kammerer|at|



2009-03-31 07:33:41

sorry 230.000CZK