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XJ220 Ride in a 700bhp Jaguar

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2016-01-19 09:54:13

My Ride in a 700bhp Jaguar XJ220 - Full-Throttle Accelerations & Insane Crackles!!  |  More info

This year at the Wheels Festival in Bournemouth, I got the opportunity to ride in my friend's 700bhp Jaguar XJ220! This was an unreal ride seeing as he floored it everywhere! Due to the power it was rather tricky to keep the camera still! Big thank you to the owner for giving me this awesome experience!

Follow the owner of Instagram for more of his car: @steven_m_f

Hope you enjoyed the video, if so then please leave a like! Also, sunsceibe if you havent already for loads more videos from the Wheels Festival!

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