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F-Type Front & rear camera installation

Forum F-Type F-Type Front & rear camera installation

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2017-04-03 11:45:29

NAV-TV Jaguar F-Type Front and Rear Camera Installation Video  |  More info

Installation video detailing the necessary steps and tools required to install the NAV-TV Jaguar F-Type front and rear view camera integration module. This module is for 2014+ Jaguar F-Type vehicles with a factory color LCD touch screen radio. The Jaguar F-Type will enable a rear view camera image on the factory screen automatically while in reverse. It will also allow a front view camera and the rear view camera to be displayed at will and at any speed. Additionally, the interface enables all factory DVD, USB and navigation destination entry without stopping. Call NAV-TV at 1-866-477-3336 (USA and Canada toll free) or 561-955-9770 (Internationally) for details or for a referral to an authorized NAV-TV dealer near you!

Cameras optional and available!