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Door latch assembly XJ40

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2017-05-27 06:20:47

I've just replaced my drivers (RHD) front door handle, a common point of failure. In putting in the new handle, I note that the turnbuckle has to be fully at the end of its travel (fully in) for the latch to work. Unless this is common, I suspect the latch assembly itself has worn.

I happen to have a new latch assembly. The Jaguar workshop manual I have is pretty straightforward and I have done a part dummy run. The thing that stopped the dummy run was the link rods behind the window channel. Now the workshop manual (proper Jaguar one) states that I need to undo the screws holding the channel to the door frame on that side only. It says nothing about removing the channel. Why is this?

Has anyone, done this changeover and could advise?.