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Donated 1974 XJ12L

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2015-07-13 14:31:23

My name is Vince Gibson, and I am the Executive Director for the Wounded Warrior Garage. The Wounded Warrior Garage is a non Profit Veterans charity that restores classic American muscle cars for the benefit of our Wounded Warriors and veterans. This past weekend we received a donation of a 1974 Jaguar XJ12L. The car is complete and unmolested with 59,484 miles showing on the ticker. We literally pulled it out of a barn here in Georgia. It has the original tires and eight track stereo! The car has not run in 25 years, and we don't have a clue how to work on it. So I though I'd come here to this group to get some advise, as this is not a car we are going to build. We will simply be selling it to raise money for the charity.

What is the car worth? We can't afford to pay someone to get it running, and we don't know the first thing about these cars, so I doubt we could get it running. The car is in too nice of shape to part out, so I am hoping to find a Jaguar enthusiast that would like to purchase it and bring it back to life.