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XJ6 Alternator replacement

Forum XJ XJ6 Alternator replacement

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2011-04-25 15:55:51

I am replacing the alternator on my 93 xj6, The person who owned it before me fried the old one, I just want to double check the correct wiring before I install the new one, Not sure if the person before me had it hooked up correctly, There are 3 connection points, The Plug, The lg main terminal & one more small wire, The first 2 are obvious. on the alternator there are 3 small nuts that hold the shield on, one of these has a piece of metal held on by a nut & a phillips head screw, This IS NOT where they had the small wire connected, it was connected to the other small nut, Not sure if that was correct, I would think it would connect to the phillips head screw ??? I have a picture with the terminals numbered that I could e-mail to someone for reference.

Thanks in advance for any help.