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About to buy an X300 (I think!)

Forum XJ-X300 About to buy an X300 (I think!)

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2017-05-13 23:27:11

I currently have an aging XJ40 (had it for 15 years!). Thinking of buying an X300, 3.2 L. The one I'm thinking of buying has a fuel gauge that reads zero and a fuel light permanently on. Of course it could be a fuel sender but I'm wondering if members have any other ideas, Also, where would I find the procedure for replacing the sender if it is that? Also, the front grille has a very close mesh. What does that signify? Any other X300 tips welcome!

2017-05-14 12:52:32

burgundy: XJR6 is much better, or you can stay with XJ40. Normal X300 are boring.

2017-05-14 15:35:03

I had the same with my Daimler double six X300, I found that the sender unit had a loose

solder connection on the inside terminal connection. Soldered this connection did the job.

You can test if the meter reading is working by shortening the two leads that are going

to the sender unit, it should be reading Full by shortening.

When you takeout the sender unit be aware that the tank must be almost empty!

2017-05-14 20:21:49

Thanks for that. Exactly what procedure did you use to test for adequate petrol to drive safely but still small enough to do the job? Also, could you describe the whole procedure. For example is a new gasket used and did you use gasket goo (or perhaps vaseline?) Did you need a special tool to shift the locking ring?

2017-05-15 00:58:44

Thanks to anyone who has posted. I seem to have got myself banned for some reason! It means I cannot thank anyone personally, but I do appreciate your help (and this excellent website too!). And e34e36, if you are reading this too, thanks for your kind message. For the above reason I cannot thank you personally. I have upset your friend I think.

***Added: 16:31 Aust time. I think that is resolved now!

2017-05-15 09:39:05

burgundy: In the boot remove the lining to get to the gas tank. The sender unit is located almost in the middle of the tank. to undo the locking ring I made from a plastic pipe that had the size that could fit inside the locking ring and put in with a saw two slits that will allow the locking pins to go in. Than put it in and turn left to get it loose. You can use the same gasket if you are doing it carefully. You can leave almost 15 liter in the tank to do the job.

2017-05-15 20:59:23

Thank you Dirk! Do you remember what size the plastic pipe was?

2017-05-17 10:47:19

burgundy: It is a thick wall plastic pipe (3mm) what is normally used for connection to your sink in your kitchen. About the roof lining you have to takeout the plastic foam body from the roof that is really a job for a professional. Because the foam body will have to go out of the rear window, if you fowled it then it will crack in the middle, It is a common problem with all Leyland made cars, Jaguar and Rover. I had it with both Daimlers and the Discovery landrover. With the Daimler double six it got out the rear door, because it is a long wheel base car and the rear door is much wider than.