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4 Valve engine

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2009-02-07 10:15:23

We specialise in making these produce a LOT more power than the original very poor 220bhp.

Our naturally aspirated engine is doing well over 400bhp. This is because we did A LOT of work on this excellent engine, and ignored what other people (idiots) said.

Doing the job properly!

2010-01-17 14:53:19

Who supplys race camshafts and higher compression pistons for the 3.6?

2010-01-22 13:59:12

Anybody here? Hello Hallo? English Deutsch or even French if need be. I need to know where to get cams expescially for my AJ6


2010-02-13 10:11:57

sorry in USA ,but they make any pistons. camshaft you need "special" new one or use .