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XJ12 1996 stereo update - help needed

Forum XJ-X300 XJ12 1996 stereo update - help needed

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1996 XJ-X300

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Fuel gasoline. 4-speed Automatic transmission.

1996 Jaguar XJ12 burgundy color with 65000+ miles.

2016-01-09 05:13:55

Wanting to install a up to date stereo in this 1996 Jag XJ12. Of course none of the radio connections match up with the new stereos. Has anyone updated their XJ12 stereo/radio? if nothing else has anyone direct wired a IPod connection to the original radio? Any help is appreciated.


Brian Ingle


2016-01-09 12:14:39

brian: Hi Brian, I tried to find some advise or video on YouTube for you, but I did not find anythink. Just this article here which is about fitting an aftermarket stereo to an early XJ8.

2016-01-10 04:45:03

thanks, that more information than I currently have. I know there is a way (I hope) to upgrade it somehow. Hopefully another member has done it in the past. Just want to be able to plug IPod in direct, the cassette hook up for IPod doesn't work as good as the direct plug in.

Thanks for your response!


2016-01-10 11:17:29

Hello, I think,that You need for install new stereo this:

I was install this :

Regards Jiří.

2016-01-11 02:17:18

herrm: thanks I will check it out very soon.

Thanks again