23:35:43 KeesGoudswaard Hi Fabrosk, the nob below the fuel cap is to operate the valve switching between the main and the reserve compartment in the fuel tank.
11:36:31 Fabrosk Does anybody know what the knob below the fuel cap is for on a Jaguar Mk4 1948 model?
11:35:04 Fabrosk Jaguar Mk4 1948 model.
06:24:06 freyes2017 owner of a 89 XJ6 , not blowing hot or col air? fuses are ok, could it be the relays on the blower motor or the climate control module?
18:16:47 jackdeshefy greetinggs from New Jersey
18:16:05 jackdeshefy hello all
00:28:08 CuteBella Hallo I'm new here, greetings from Indiana USA
14:17:37 DDJVN I would like to know how I set the airflow meter on a 3.6i xj6
14:17:04 DDJVN Hope you can help me
14:16:50 DDJVN Hello,
08:08:47 mathilda hello, i am a new owner of Daimler XJ40 1992 4.0 and i am having a problem when riding up a mountain the car start to vibrate and move very hard plus the temperature needle start moving high fast. Ony suggestion what could be the problem? and what to check? Thank you in advance
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10:33:47 arie Dear all.I would like you to Invite our Gathering comunity
17:32:20 JAZZ Hello folks....greetings from Georgia USA
17:46:27 yanko